A Few Things To Do In Liverpool In the Winter

Some people think that when you live in the middle of New York State and Winter hits, the only thing you can do is hide in your house. False. There are tons of things to do in the Liverpool area during the winter. You will need a jacket, but there is no reason you can’t be active.

Known as “The Central Park of Central New York”, the Onondaga Lake Parkway is a great place to get out your cross country skis and get yourself moving down by the lake. There is plenty of flat land available for skiing by yourself, with your friends or family. This is something that kids and adults can all enjoy.

If sledding is what you are looking for, there is a hill at Long Branch Park, at the end of Onondaga Lake where the sledding conditions are perfect (depending on snowfall of course). There is ample parking, and plenty of space for many sledders to go down and enjoy without feeling cramped with other sledders. The walkup hill is separated from the hill as well, so there is no confusion on the hill. This is a must for all kids and those who are kids at heart.

For myself, after a day of sledding or cross country skiing, I just have to top it all off with a cup of hot chocolate and a treat. My personal favorite place to go is the Cafe @ 407 in the heart of the Village. Cafe @ 407 is a cozy, spacious cafe where you get a variety of treats, drink your drink of choice, listen to great music and relax and watch the Village life happen.

I must say that I am partial to Cafe @ 407, but I do enjoy a drink or two every once and a while down at Freedom of Espresso that has recently joined the Village community. Although it doesn’t have as many plush chairs and couches, FE is a great little cafe with great drinks and treats. There is also plenty of room to work and unlike Cafe @ 407, it does have two separate public rooms, if you are looking for a little more privacy while you treat yourself. Cafe @ 407 does have other rooms, but they are more for reservation use (great place for a party or meeting btw – the decor is FAB!).

Of course, after getting your coffee, hot cocoa and treats, you must make a visit to the very popular Liverpool Library.  Centered in the very heart of the village, it is a perfect, easy walk from either cafe where you can sit in the lobby, in their brand new cozy chairs, and read your favorite book.  I love the library, as do so many others.  It’s great to see a library so beloved in the current technology age we live in.

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