A Great Massage Therapist In the Village of Liverpool

Having a special needs child is very difficult some days, on everyone in the family. We love our dear girl more than life itself and she brings joy to everyone in this world that she meets – that’s undeniable. But it’s impossible to say that it’s always easy.

We have been extremely blessed to be connected with a program started by Excellus (our insurance), called CompassionNet. CompassionNet provides support and comfort for the family of medically high risk children – a necessity that is often forgotten about.


CompassionNet has provided massages for my husband and I for years now, and also now provides monthly massages for my children as well.

Yesterday, 2 out of 3 of my children (the youngest was too nervous 🙂 ) had their first massage, here in our home, with Daria Janecek the owner of Pain Away Massage.

She was great with them and I just had to tell you all, so you could support her Village of Liverpool business.

Although she’s been a licensed massage therapist for 16 years, Daria just moved her office from Cicero to the Village, and is located across from the Cobblestone at 300 Tulip Street, Room 22.
PainAwayMassage.net... 395.4685

You can reach Daria at 315.395.4685 to schedule appointments. You can also visit her website at http://www.painawaymassage.net/

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