About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah!

I am a wife and a busy mom of 3, including one daughter with special needs.  Life is crazy, busy and insane, as many of us say, but somehow living here in the Village makes it all enjoyable along the way.

I am a lover of the Village of Liverpool here in the heart of Central New York.  In Liverpool we enjoy the perfect small New England Style town where everyone knows everyone and life is lived happily every after. Well, most of the time.

When I was young, growing up in the country, I always said that I wanted to live somewhere with sidewalks when I settled down.

That was my requirement.


Yes, I dreamed big!

Since I now have my sidewalks (as bumpy or as smooth as they come) and so much more, I just thought I would take you on the adventures of raising a family and living the life of a Village resident.

Although we are on the border of the City of Syracuse, the Village of Liverpool has a complete life of its own. It really is a great thing to be able to say that I can run all of my errands in 30 minutes or less and all within 1 square mile of my home… and that could be done by pushing a stroller or riding a bike too!

I’m determined to make people believers that keeping small villages alive is absolutely essential!

Oh yeah, and check out the real estate page… Hopefully I’ll make you want to move in!