Our Last Stop…Saratoga and Troy, NY

It's been a week of random illness in this family and I am finally getting to post where we went on our last somewhat-local trip for vacation/staycation. My brother lives in Schenectady, so we decided to spend the 4th of July in Saratoga and stay over night with them, and then … [Read more...]

A Trip North…

The week has gotten away from me and I completely forgot to post the pictures from our Monday might trip up to Oswego. My husband spent a lot of time there in his youth with his grandmother, and he is always asking if we can take a ride up to the lake. So we took the kids … [Read more...]

Life In Liverpool Is On Staycation

Normally when my husband is on vacation, the whole family packs up and heads out somewhere. Despite the chaos of traveling with 3 kids, a wheelchair, and half of our sanity, we still try to get the kids and ourselves out to see something in the world. My husband thankfully has … [Read more...]