Live Well Wellness Program By Onondaga Lake

How many of you have wanted to bring your yoga mat down by the lake before in the morning and exercise surrounded by the beautiful scenery?  Want to do more than just walk, bike or rollerblade? Me. I've wanted to do this... especially in the morning when it's quiet and … [Read more...]

Syracuse Chiefs Opening Day is This Thursday!!!

Now normally I wouldn't be writing about the Syracuse Chiefs, because although the stadium is somewhat close to the Village, the games aren't technically something happening in Liverpool. HOWEVER. This year, as most of you must have seen or heard already, one of our … [Read more...]

Liverpool Ultimate Towner Race, August 31st, 2013

Get your running clothes on and be prepared to get dirty!  This weekend, on Saturday August 31st, the Ultimate Towner Race is coming to the Onondaga Lake Park at Long Branch. The Towner Race, for those who might not know, is an obstacle course race set up for teams or … [Read more...]

Orange Fever!

It's March madness and Syracuse is ORANGE, ORANGE, ORANGE. People in offices, schools, stores, and walking down the street are showing their SU pride with their orange and blue. Tonight! Syracuse looks to defeat the Cincinnati Bearcats in the Big East semifinal game, at … [Read more...]