Merry Christmas!

I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas! Enjoy your family, your friends and especially these beautiful pictures of Christmas in the Village of Liverpool from days gone by.   "12-23-1929 at 9 p.m. Liverpool's first community Christmas … [Read more...]

“I Love Liverpool”

For those of you who love Liverpool, starting this evening, the Library is presenting a video series weekly, until October 17th, appropriately titled "I Love Liverpool". With the help of the Liverpool Chamber of Commerce, each week the Library will show one of the Liverpool … [Read more...]

An Autumn Ghostwalk in Liverpool… My Kind of Fun!

I'm very excited about this event.  I love history and I especially love learning the history of Liverpool. I wear a history-geek-hat proudly. I'm taking my oldest with me on the "scare-free" Onondaga Historical Association's Fall Ghostwalk in Liverpool, "Lakeside Views".  We … [Read more...]

The Village of Liverpool Clock Campaign

If you live in the Village, you know that general feeling we have that the history of the Village of Liverpool is extremely important. Whether you are taken back in time when you step into Heid's of a coney, or you take a few hours out of your day to go visit the Salt Museum … [Read more...]