Doctor Who Tardis With Amy Pond Wheelchair Halloween Costume

Each year it is a fun task to try and figure out what to make for my daughter’s Halloween costume.

This year, although slightly challenging in design and construction, it was a natural choice, considering my son’s obsession with Doctor Who. Remember his Tardis door that I painted for him this summer? Yea, that’s obsessed! 🙂

So here it is… this year’s costume! She and my son coordinated as The 11th Doctor and Amy Pond, in the Tardis, and it worked perfectly! They loved walking around together at their school’s Halloween parade yesterday.

doctor who tardis halloween

doctor who tardis halloween 1

tardis isabel class

The best part, it only cost me $5 in supplies! I had the paint from the door, the images were printed off the computer, and the lantern on the top was a decorative one on my bookshelf.


Other than that, it was 2 large rectangular boxes, taped together with duct tape and painters’ tape on top (to match the color).


On the top, I used the top of a copy paper box, and attached it to the large part with zip ties, while the lantern was fastened with velcro. I also drew the panels of the doors with sharpie.


To hold it on the chair, I cut a slim rectangle across the back so that the wheelchair handle could fit through. I made it narrow so that it also acted as support to hold up the costume.


That, plus it was designed to sit on the top of her headrest, at the same height of the hole in the back. There was no need to support it on the chair itself in another way.


I just love cardboard costumes (except for the natural bumps and creases!). With a little creativity you can make just about anything

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