I Picked Up A Little Kandied Kernel Today…

kandied kernelI stopped in today with my son, to The Kandied Kernel, on Old Liverpool Road, to try out what I heard was some fantastic flavored popcorn!

I was so glad we did.

It’s a great treat, and it’s the reason that it took me 30 minutes to get off the couch and write this to you.

Not exactly an effective use of my girls’ nap time, but it was a delicious way to spend it, that’s for sure.

For those who haven’t seen it, The Kandied Kernel is located across from the Liverpool Plaza, right past Santangelo’s at 663 Old Liverpool Rd (There is also an Armory Square location).


In the picture above, we munched on “Go SU” (orange and blueberry) with some sour apple mixed in. We also picked up a bag of “Fruit Salad” (grape, lemon, cherry, etc).

If you aren’t into the candied, fruity flavors, they also offer flavors like white cheddar, jalepeno, karamel (made with real maple syrup), parmesan / garlic, ranch, BBQ, movie theatre, pizza and more. We even spotted a s’more flavor in there!

Stop in and pick your flavor. These would be a great gift idea, or if you are like me, an afternoon snack!

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