Liverpool Elementary School Walk-A-Thon


Hi All!  I’ve been busy! As Liverpool Elementary School PFO Co-President again this year, I have been a busy bee organizing our school’s 1st annual Walk-A-Thon! (btw… PFO stands for Parent Faculty Organization. We like to be different 🙂 )

Since we all dislike wrapping paper sales and tubs of cookie dough (that you know you just eat out of the container!), we decided that this year we would just straight up ask for the money outright with one big fundraiser, instead of having several little ones throughout the year.

So, I ask you all, as a community, to please consider donating either as a general donation, or as a pledge to your favorite LE student (pick one, any one – it all goes to the same place! ) so that the LESPFO can continue to do the good work it has done at LE with our awesome kids!

This money will go to cover our budgetary obligations, including author visits & PARP, school assemblies, field trips, classroom & teacher support, supplies and activities for the kids, and so much more.  It ALL stays at LE also! The students will be walking on October 16th at school, for the Walk-A-Thon itself.

Please click the link for the GoFundMe page and feel free to donate any amount you choose. No donation is too small or too large!

If you are pledging a student, please put their FIRST initial, Last name and grade and/or teacher so we know who that pledge goes to.

**If you prefer to write a check, all students have been given paper pledge sheets and are collecting pledges through those also**

Thank you!  Let’s hope this fundraiser is a huge success and we can avoid knocking on your doors for the rest of the school year!

Here is the link:

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