School Starts Wednesday, September 9th. Woo hoo!

This summer has been a good one. A very good one. My son performed in a few theatrical productions, my daughter with special needs spent 6 weeks at summer school (which she LOVES!), and my youngest swam her little heart out whenever we were around a body of water. Oh, and we went camping as a family. Possibly the highlight of the summer for us.

However, once we were done with all planned events and official duties by the 17th of August, I looked ahead and realized that we still had more than 3 weeks left of summer and then it became the LONGEST SUMMER EVER!

I love and enjoy my children immensely and trust me, I am grateful I have this time with them. However, I’m not sure there is anyone more excited for school at this point than me! Mama needs to get some work done!

So for Liverpool Elementary, and all other schools in the Liverpool Central School District, we start back on Wednesday September 9th.

For Liverpool Elementary especially, Tuesday is Kindergarten Orientation and a “Find Your Classroom” event.

Orientation happens for the little ones from 11am – 12pm, and during that time they will learn a few things they need to know before the first day, as well as getting a chance to ride the bus! (my daughter’s been talking about that one all summer!)

For the “Find Your Classroom” event from 2-3pm, first through sixth grade will be able to find their classrooms, see their lockers and introduce themselves to their new teacher(s).

There are many new staffers at Liverpool Elementary this year, so be sure to walk around and introduce yourselves to as many as you can!

To all my teacher friends and students, I wish you the best of luck this year. To all of my parent friends… feel free to breathe now.

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