Morning Walks In My Favorite Season

It's a requirement in the Village of Liverpool to get outside in the fall. However you can. You know it's true... the cold is coming and the pressure is on! How many times have you heard someone say "It's going to be the last nice day, I just have to...."? It's been a … [Read more...]

Furrever Friends & Front Row Center

I love new business in the village, as do you, I'm sure! Over the summer, both Furrever Friends and the hair and nail salon Front Row Center  joined our lovely little village, where they will hopefully thrive for a long time to come. Our pets need grooming just as much as … [Read more...]

Down By the Lake, Down By the Lake…

One of the many nice things about Liverpool... stopping by Onondaga Lake to eat a snack, walk around, or well, frankly do just about anything. That's what these 3 guys may have been thinking when they decided to come to the lake and show off there skills at the picnic … [Read more...]

Red Cross Blood Drive @ St. Matthew’s

It's that time again!  The first Red Cross Blood Drive of the year for St. Matthew's Episcopal Church.  It will take place on Saturday, January 12th from 8am-1pm. I always like to announce these (and any others if you want to send me dates) because I know how important they … [Read more...]