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I Sat With The Ducks on Onondaga Lake


Recently, I sat at Onondaga Lake, early in the morning.

By myself. In the peace of the morning.

The lake was quiet. The air was calm.

The sun was shining and nature was coming alive for the day.

I found myself watching the ducks. One male and one female. Moving together… she was clearly in charge.

They swam, bathed, watched out for danger. Together.

It was sweet. All of it.








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Live Well Wellness Program By Onondaga Lake

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Go See Oliver! At The RedHouse

Although not performed in Liverpool itself, this show gets special attention on Life In Liverpool. First, because my son is in it. Second, because The RedHouse does a great job! And Third… because it’s going to be an AWESOME show! Get your tickets for Oliver! now!