I love new business in the village, as do you, I’m sure!

Over the summer, both Furrever Friends and the hair and nail salon Front Row Center  joined our lovely little village, where they will hopefully thrive for a long time to come. Our pets need grooming just as much as their owners :)


Furrever Friends is located at 330 First, on the corner of across from The Cobblestone. You can’t miss their bright yellow sign, as well as their “deals” placard on the sidewalk for all to see.

Not only are they a pet boutique, but they also offer grooming. For the number of dogs I see walking around this village, we should keep them busy! Give them a call today!

ff pet grooming

*Photo courtesy of www.ffpets.com*

The other addition to the village is in the old Jo’s Cupcake location, next to Limp Lizard. Front Row Center is an established salon (formerly on Old Liverpool Rd.) that recently moved in to the great space at 141 First St..


hhTVp copy

In addition to being a great business for that spot, they’ve added handicap access to the building (Yay for them! I personally appreciate that!).

Front Row Center is a full service hair and nail salon and you can call them for an appointment at 457-9929.


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