Super Cute Valentine’s Day Ideas For Kids

Last year, my son and I randomly came up with this idea to do something a little different for Valentine’s Day. Something out of the ordinary, that didn’t cost a lot, (because momma doesn’t spend lots of money on made-up holidays!!)

So, we decided to make little flowers for the kids in his class out of tissue paper, pipe cleaners and Blow Pops. Super cute, right?

blowpop flower valentine

They were so easy, and we made about 24 in less than an hour.

This year, as I do when most holidays approach, I took to Pinterest to see if I could find some other inexpensive, easy to make, creative Valentine’s that would be fun to make.

Keep in mind, easy and cheap are the keywords here. I have very little time, and again, I’m not spending money on a day thats purpose can easily be accomplished with things that don’t cost any money at all.

So here is what I found.

Mad Lib Valentine…

I just love this for the older kids, who maybe don’t want to fill out the traditional store bought cards. They could have tons of fun with this great idea I found on You can pretty much find everything at the dollar store as well… so score one for the finances on this one!


Tic Tac Toe Valentine….

This one is a yummy treat and will be a fun game for your little one to play. Thanks to a creative post on

tic tac toe valentines

Applesauce Valentine…

This is a great alternative to the candy valentine, while still giving kids a treat. It’s a creative idea from FunkyPolkaDotGiraffe, that Moms and dads are surely to be thankful for. No sugar highs off this one!

applesauce valentines

Glow Stick Valentine…

The glow stick is a great idea for kids. They can feel the love all day long, vs. just a quick 2 minutes that it takes to finish a treat, and we all know how much kids LOVE glow sticks. Thanks to for this cute idea!

glow valentine

Gum Ball Valentine…

This gum ball idea from is great. You can buy a giant container of gumballs for a small amount of money and stick them in little plastic bags. Super easy and they get more than one little treat.

gumballs valentine

Loom Bracelet Valentine…

A friend suggested this as an idea back when I ordered 3000 loom bands for my son (per his request) and I wondered what the heck he would do with them all! This idea is great and can be personalized for each Valentine recipient.Way to catch on to a trend! If we could get organized in my house, we would totally do this. Something tells me that won’t happen this year!

loom valentine


So whether you go with these ideas, ones like them, or just pick up the traditional kid’s cards from the store, it’s all okay. The important thing is to tell people how much you care… on Valentine’s Day and every other day, in whichever way you find best!

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